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Borrowing Money From Lawsuit

Borrowing money from a pending or settled lawsuit is easy. If you have a lawsuit and an attorney representing you in the lawsuit, you are eligible to get a no-risk settlement cash advance within 24 hours. At Nirvana Lawsuit Funding, we make lawsuit lending fast and easy for plaintiffs and injured accident victims.

Nirvana Funding is a full-service lawsuit lenders helping plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs in the U.S. We provide pre-settlement loans and litigation advances. If you need cash now and have a lawsuit and need money now, we can help you get lawsuit money now. At Nirvana Lawsuit Funding, we make borrowing money against your lawsuit easy.

There is no credit check, no out of pocket costs, no employment requirements, and no up front fees. Further, since the funding is a lawsuit money advance and not a loan, there are no monthly payments! Best of all, if you lose or do not settle, you owe nothing! Pay back the lawsuit cash advance only if you get a settlement, judgement, or award from your lawsuit.

The amount of lawsuit money you can borrow against your case is determined by the strength of your claim, your injuries, and/or the medical treatment you have received so far. The lawsuit settlement money we provide to plaintiffs is an advance on their expected lawsuit settlement.

To get money for lawsuit settlement, just fill out the online application or give us a call at 1-888-715-8701 and we will do the rest. After you submit your application, we will work with your lawyer so we can determine how much money we can advance you against your future lawsuit settlement.

The lawsuit lending process is fast. We can have you approved for lawsuit money now in 24 hours. That's right we provide 1 day lawsuit funding approval. We know that waiting for your lawsuit to settle for a fair settlement from the insurance company or defendant can be stressful and straining. While you are waiting for your lawsuit money, your bill and expenses are piling up. That's why we offer the fastest lawsuit funding underwriting process in the legal funding industry.

We know just how difficult it is waiting for the money from your lawsuit. We can help you by providing you with a lawsuit money loan on your expected lawsuit settlement. The lawsuit settlement money is no-risk cash advance.

We offer lawsuit lending for all types of lawsuits. You have nothing to lose. Borrowing on your lawsuit settlement can help you stay afloat financially and empower you to hold out for the best possible lawsuit settlement amount.

Borrowing Money Against Your Lawsuit


Borrowing Money From Pending Lawsuit

How Does It Work?

We make getting money for lawsuit settlements fast and easy. Once we get your application, we will do the rest including contacting your attorney for the necessary information. As soon as we get the information from your law firm, we will review your case and within 24 hours of receiving the information, we will call you with the lawsuit money offer. How to get money from a lawsuit? Easy, just submit your application online or call us at 1-888-715-8701.

Do I Pay Any Out of Pocket Fees?

No. The legal funding review is Free. There is no fee to apply or to get information. There are no out-of-pocket fees or up-front costs. 

How Long Does It Take?

The transaction to borrowing money against your lawsuit can be done within 24 hours. The actual time will depend on how fast your law firm sends us the necessary information. We suggest that you call your law firm to give them permission and authorization to discuss your case with us and provide us with the requested records.

What Is The Interest Rate?

Our lawsuit settlement funding rates vary depending upon the facts of your specific case. If you have a strong lawsuit, we can get you the lowest possible lawsuit loans interest rates.

 What If I Lose My Lawsuit?

Nothing happens. Borrowing money against your lawsuit is not a loan. The transaction is a no-risk cash advance against your potential lawsuit settlement. If you do not win or settle your lawsuit or if the claim is not paid, you own nothing! When we advance you money for your lawsuit, we assume the risk--keep the pre-settlement lawsuit funding if you lose your lawsuit or claim.

Do You Control My Lawsuit?

No. We do not get involved in your lawsuit! All decisions regarding the handling, directing, and managing of your injury lawsuit is between you and your attorney. 

Borrow Money Against Lawsuit

We are full-service lawsuit lenders offering personal injury funding, commercial litigation lawsuits, and class action settlement funding. We specialize in car accident lawsuit loans, slip and fall accident lawsuit funding, tractor trailer settlement loans, auto accident lawsuit loans, medical malpractice settlement funding, car accident money funding, construction accident lawsuit funding, bus accident lawsuit settlement loans, and 18 wheeler accident settlement funding. Get lawsuit money today!


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* You must be 18 years of age or older and represented be represented by a lawyer for consideration.

** Borrowing money from your lawsuit is Not available in Maryland, Colorado, North Carolina, and Tennessee -- sorry.