Borrow Money Against Your Lawsuit

Need money Before your Accident settlement?

Falling behind on your rent, mortgage, other bills?

Experiencing money problems or an emergency?

Get Money From Your Settlement in 24 Hours.

Apply online now to get approved for a cash advance against your lawsuit settlement in just 24 hours. Many innocent accident victims going through the lawsuit process often ask, how can I borrow money against my pending lawsuit? If you have ever been involved in personal injury lawsuit or currently have an active lawsuit, you are eligible for borrowing money against a lawsuit.

Even with a good injury attorney, it can take months even years until you get all the money you deserve from your lawsuit. At Nirvana Legal Funding, we understand the financial difficulties personal injury accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs often face during the lawsuit process.  We make borrowing money from a lawsuit fast and easy for innocent and injured accident victims.

Many plaintiffs just like you often need some help staying financially afloat during the long road to justice. That's why we make borrowing money against your lawsuit fast and easy!

If you have a lawsuit and an attorney and you need to borrow money against a lawsuit, before you win or settle your lawsuit, Nirvana Legal Funding can advance you money from your expected settlement in 24 hours. We typically provide lawsuit funding loans from $1,000 to $500,00. We have the guaranteed fastest and easiest lawsuit funding process in the entire industry!

We can review your case for free to determine the amount of money you can borrow from your lawsuit. Since the lawsuit money we provide is a cash advance on a lawsuit settlement and not a traditional bank loan, there is no credit check, no out of pocket costs, no employment requirements, no up front fees, and no monthly payments!

Another benefit of borrowing money against your lawsuit is the lawsuit money is no-risk to you because you pay back the lawsuit advance when you win or settle your lawsuit or the case is paid. If you do not collect any money for your case, you can keep the lawsuit advance and owe nothing!

Borrowing Money Against A Lawsuit

Don't let financial difficulties force you into settle your case prematurely for pennies on the dollar. Borrowing money from your lawsuit settlement can help your avoid financial disaster and also empower you to continue fighting the insurance company or corporate defendant for ALL the money you deserve for your pain and suffering! 

Thousands of lawsuit plaintiffs who borrowed money from pending lawsuit have been saved from financial disaster. The money you borrow against your lawsuit can help you avoid eviction, repossession, bill collector calls, foreclosure, and even bankruptcy proceedings.

We specialize in personal injury lawsuit funding and litigations loans all across the United States. Apply now and in just 24 hours, we can easily have you approved for auto accident loans, bus accident lawsuit funding, medical malpractice lawsuit funding, tractor trailer lawsuit loans, slip and fall accident loans, class action legal funding, construction accident settlement funding, premises liability lawsuit loans, 18 wheeler accident settlement funding, or product liability lawsuit funding. We have the lawsuit money you urgently need to stay financially afloat.

The amount of money we can advance you against your lawsuit settlement depends on your injury, medical treatment, and the strength of your case. We can get you non-recourse lawsuit loans for a neck injury, back injury, wrist injury, shoulder injury, knee injury, leg injury, ankle injury, burn injury, or significant scarring.

Get the financial relief you need right away with our lawsuit loan advance program. Apply online now if you need financial help from the nation's leading lawsuit lenders. A friendly and experienced lawsuit funding specialist is ready to assist you right now, or you can apply online for faster processing.


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Money From Lawsuit

How Does It Work?

We make getting money from your lawsuit fast and easy. Once we get your application, we will do the rest including contacting your attorney for the necessary information. As soon as we get the information, we will review your lawsuit and within 24 hours of receiving the information, we will call you with the lawsuit money offer. How to get money from a lawsuit? All you have to do is apply online or call us at 1-888-715-8701.

Do I Pay A Fee Up-Front?

The lawsuit lending review and telephone consultation if Free. There is no fee to apply or to get information. There are no out-of-pocket fees or up-front costs. 

How Long Does It Take?

The transaction to borrow money against your lawsuit can be done within 24 hours. The actual time will depend on how fast your law firm sends us the necessary information. We suggest that you call your law firm to give them permission and authorization to discuss your case with us and provide us the requested records.

What Is The Interest Rate?

We are proud to offer personal injury accident victims low rates and competitive terms. Our lawsuit loans rates vary depending upon the facts of your specific case. If you have a good and strong lawsuit, we can get you the lowest possible lawsuit loans interest rates. When you apply with us, you can feel confident that we will get you a fair rate from the nation's leading lawsuit lenders. Tell us about your lawsuit today and get approved for accident money in 24 hours.

Is My Lawsuit Eligible?

We provide lawsuit funding loans for most lawsuit types. We specialize in lawsuit money for liability accident lawsuit, commercial litigation lawsuit, and injury lawsuit. We advance lawsuit money for your 18 wheeler accident, aviation airplane accident lawsuit, money from car accident, medical malpractice lawsuit, car accident lawsuit, slip and fall lawsuit, tractor trailer accident lawsuitcar accident money, and wrongful death lawsuit money.

What If I Lose My Lawsuit?

Money from your lawsuit is not a loan. The transaction is a cash advance against your potential lawsuit settlement. If you do not win or settle your lawsuit or if the claim is not paid, you own nothing! When we advance you money for your lawsuit, we assume the risk--keep the lawsuit accident cash advance if you lose your lawsuit.

Do You Control My Lawsuit?

We do not get involved in your lawsuit! All decisions regarding handling, directing, and managing your injury lawsuit is between you and your attorney. 

Money From Lawsuit

Borrowing Money From Pending Lawsuit

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