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Lawsuit Lenders

We make borrowing money against your lawsuit easy. If you have a pending lawsuit or waiting for your lawsuit money, you know exactly how stressful and straining the lawsuit process can be. Many injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs, just like you, often experience money problems and financial pressures while waiting for their lawsuit to settle.

Nirvana Lawsuit Funding knows what your are going through and we can help you Today with our borrowing money against a lawsuit funding program.

We know just how difficult it is waiting for the money from your lawsuit. We can help by providing you with a cash advance on your expected lawsuit settlement. This no-risk loans on your lawsuit settlement settlement can help you stay afloat financially and empower you to hold out for the best possible lawsuit settlement amount.

Getting money against your lawsuit settlement is easy. There is no credit check, no out of pocket costs, no employment requirements, no up front fees, and no monthly payments!

Lawsuit Settlement Lenders

We are the United States leading lawsuit money lenders, advancing money to lawsuit plaintiffs who are looking to borrow money against a lawsuit. We typically advance lawsuit money from $1,000 to $500,000 in 24 hours.

The amount of lawsuit money you can borrow against your lawsuit is determined by the strength of your case, your injuries, and the medical treatment you have received. The lawsuit settlement money we provide to plaintiffs is an advance on their expected lawsuit settlement.

Lawsuit Money Lenders

The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co. does not require you to make any monthly payments whatsoever - until your case has been settled. Feel free to spend your cash advance as you see fit without the worry of having to make a payment on the loan until you have actually received your lawsuit settlement award

Borrowing Money Against Your Lawsuit